MONT BELVIEU, Texas Dozens of winged intruders sent students ducking for cover, and maintenance workers scrambling at Barbers Hill High School in Mont Belvieu Monday.

It almost hit me and someone else in the head, said Grayson Long, a sophomore who narrowly avoided a bat while walking between classes.

Some students described the scene inside the school as pandemonium.

There was a bat flying over my head and I just ran back to class, said high school junior Terron Hammond.

Maintenance workers installed extruder devices, which allow the bats to fly out but not back inside.

Officials said as many as 52 bats were rounded up by Monday afternoon.

According to the Mont Belvieu Independent School District s assistant superintendent, there do not appear to be any health concerns so far.

All of the bats we ve caught have been tested and none of them are diseased, said Dr. Gayle Woodall.

But when students returned to classes on Tuesday, the bats were still there.

Officials shut down the main hallway of the school to contain the bats, forcing some students to walk outside to get to class.

Students said the smell was horrible in parts of the building.

School officials were sending a letter home to parents about the bat situation Tuesday afternoon.

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