HOUSTON The family and friends of Juawanna Henry-Campbell gathered Sunday to remember the life of the 25-year-old beauty school student and young wife.

She was just an easy-going, loving, beautiful child, said her mother Joyce Henry-Haley.

Henry-Campbell s life was cut short Saturday morning in a mysterious crash. Juawanna and her friend, Magui Dunn, were driving home when disaster struck on the Eastex Freeway at Laura Koppe Road. Henry-Campbell died at the scene.

Dunn is in the hospital in critical condition. Police say an 18-wheeler hit Henry-Campbell s gray Mazda after the Mazda lost control.

So the big question is:

What caused the car to lose control in the first place?

Investigators on the scene discovered an abandoned white Silverado truck that had crashed into a concrete barrier, leaving them to wonder if the accident was a hit-and-run. But with the driver of the Silverado nowhere to be found, detectives can only speculate.

That s why police hope witnesses to the crash will come forward.

A bad dream that you are going to wake up out of, said Henry-Haley.

The Henrys say they know a witness is out there, because a stranger called the family shortly after the crash saying Juawanna s cell phone and camera were lying in a nearby grassy area.

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