DALLAS -- Some wondered if Owen and Emmett Ezell would ever hear Happy Birthday.

They were born last July 17, conjoined at the chest and sharing several critical organs. They survived a daring separation surgery six weeks later.

The Ezells returned to Medical City Dallas Children's Hospital to mark their first birthday with the staff that saved their lives and made the celebration possible.

We dreamed of this day and this moment and reaching this milestone, Jenni Ezell said, but it wasn't a reality.

You know, Dave Ezell added, 'Thank you' just doesn't say it enough.

The boys graduated from a live-in rehab about a month ago and are finally living at home, where they are thriving. While they still have trach tubes, both are now breathing completely on their own.

They are reaching what seem to be miracle milestones, considering their start in life.

Owen is about to start crawling -- he's so, so close, Jenni said. And I figure once he starts going, [Emmett's] going to be really close behind him.

The twins are becoming a little more mobile, standing up with a little help from mom and rolling over on their own.

I can't quite toss them in the air yet, because they're still a little tethered, Dave said. [But] I can get on the ground with them and roughhouse a little bit more.

The boys are still connected to feeding tubes, so they can't eat birthday cake, yet. But if the add-on to the end of Happy Birthday to You holds true, there will be many more birthdays to come.

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