DENTON A letter sent from the chairman of the Railroad Commission of Texas has asked Denton's mayor and council members to not approve a ban of hydraulic fracturing within the city limits.

The letter is in response to a petition asking the city to ban fracking and will be addressed at a public hearing on July 15. About 2,000 people signed the petition.

A ban on hydraulic fracturing of oil and natural gas wells within the city limits of Denton is essentially a ban on drilling, read the statement from Chairman Barry Smitherman. Those advocating for a ban on hydraulic fracturing know that what they are really calling for is ban on drilling. And, they are calling for a ban on oil and gas drilling, one of the key pillars of our Texas economy, without citing any concrete examples of hydraulic fracturing negatively impacting public health.

The Denton City Council accepted the petition ordinance in early June.

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