HOUSTON Tactical Firearms, the Katy gun store known for its snarky marquees that mock everything from President Obama to gun control could soon be out of ammo and out of business.

Right now our second amendment is under attack, said Jeremy Alcede, co-owner of Tactical Firearms.

Their latest marquee claims Obama and Icon Bank are trying to end them on July 1st.

We ll lose everything, 150 people will be affected, said Alcede. They count on this job, we re one big family.

Icon Bank is set to foreclose on Tactical Firearms next week. The bank said the gun store s loan is in default, but the gun shop said this is about politics.

We ve never missed a loan payment on any of the loans, said Alcede.

The bank won t talk specifics, but said it s made the business long term loan offers that the gun shop just hasn t pulled the trigger on. It released this statement to KHOU 11 News:

Due to banking privacy mandates, we are not permitted to share full details of the Tactical Firearms loan, but we can say our decision was made because the Tactical Firearms loan is in default. We have been actively working with the business owners of Tactical Firearms for over a year now by granting them several short term loan extensions and offering them several long term financing options, none of which have been accepted by them.

We value all of our client relationships and base all of our business decisions on what is best for our banking partners and customers.

Why do this if we re paying our notes, said Alcede.

So the owner is turning to social media.

They re spreading the word, said Alcede.

They have created a GoFundMe account to try and do the unthinkable, raise all the money owed to the bank in just seven days. That s $6.5 million.

We ve had an overwhelming response across the United States of America, said Alcede.

But KHOU learned of a new twist. Alcede, the same man accepting donations online is being sued by his business partner Coe Wilson for allegedly taking money from the business an using it for personal purchases like a Caribbean vacation and jewelry.

He s blamed the President of all people for his problems, when he should be blaming himself, said Richard Nguyen, who represents Coe Wilson. Jeremy has mismanaged funds to the detriment of the company.

Tactical Firearms denied the allegations.

They re outright lies, said Alcede. We wouldn t have the outreach and outpouring on our side if people thoughtI was a criminal. People know me, they know my heart and they know my intentions.

He said he expects that lawsuit to be dismissed later this year. His concern now is finding the magic bullet to save his business before it s too late.

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