HOUSTON -- Police pushed back crowds Friday evening in southeast Houston, trying to shield them from a gruesome scene.

The incident happened in the 4100 block of Tareyton Lane.

I heard boom and looked outside, said Daydrian Hodge, who heard the violent impact of the car slamming into a tree.

He said he came outside and tried to help.

I tried opening the door and everything to help them, said Hodge. They wouldn t let me open the door. The car was jammed.

Inside were a man and woman. They were both pronounced dead on the scene. Police confirm they had stolen the car from a man who was parked at a nearby convenience store, and who had left the keys in the ignition while he stood next to the vehicle and chatted with a friend.

James Randall shared what the driver told him.

He was talking to someone, just like you and me are talking on the side, said Randall. And someone jumped in his car, a girl and a guy, and they drove off, and he said he followed them.

He followed them down the road to where the suspect s lost control, leading to the deadly crash that could have been avoided.

Nobody had to die over something as dumb as a car, said Hodge. Nobody had to die.

Randall said the accident should serve as a warning to car thieves.

Sorry for the souls, said Randall. But things happen when you do wrong, you re going to pay.

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