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HOUSTON The names of the burgers on the menu board give customers a pretty good idea about Just Burgers in Spring.

The restaurant is located at 16724 Stuebner Airline.

They have a burger called The Chubbs, one called, Que Pasa and one called, Slap Yo Mama.

Slap Yo Mama includes a glazed homemade onion ring on top.

Our burgers here are so good they make you want to slap yo mama, said owner, Ambrose Pina.

Everything at Just Burgers tastes fresh because it is. The place does not even have a freezer. The pretzel buns are homemade and the burgers are so juicy one customer said they require about six napkins.

Ambrose, the pop in the mom-and-pop operation,is a French trained chef.

In addition to their work duties, Ambrose and his wife Amber have three young children. They struggled when they first opened three years ago.

We put all the money we had into it, Amber said. The first 90 days that we owned it, we were closed for 60 for repairs.

Their loyal customers heard about their troubles on Facebook and helped them paint and fix cabinets. Now the business is finally growing. It is open every day except Sunday, the biggest day of the week for eating out.

I realize that but, I mean, the Lord s blessing Chik-Fil-A and other places. I don t see why he wouldn t bless us, Ambrose said.

Click here to visit Just Burgers online.

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