AUSTIN -- It's a disturbing internet fad that happens all over the world called Smack Cam, and now it s happened in Austin. The victim and the Austin Police Department are not taking it lightly.

Around 8 p.m. Tuesday, a teenage boy walked up to the Wendy's counter, where 16-year old Calaybra Jones works, smacked her, and ran off.

He was hesitating, and he said he needed a minute. He walked out. He came back, and he started to hesitate again. I leaned in closer to hear him, and next thing you know, I got hit, said Jones.

The teenage boy got back into a white sedan, driven by an adult female, along with another young male and drove off.

You have the getaway driver, you have the cameraman and you have the perpetrator, said Jones' mother, Carlisha.

She says she can't believe someone would do this to her daughter unprovoked.

She s meek and mild-mannered. She's very non-confrontational, said Carlisha.

After Jones was slapped, she came home and saw the video posted by Austin rapper Kade Fresco on YouTube.

I was embarrassed, angry [and] sad, said Jones. To me, it just wasn't real. It didn't happen. It wasn't me. Now there's a video. Anybody can see it.

There are no surveillance cameras inside or outside of the Northeast Austin Wendy s. APD will have to rely on the YouTube video to identify a suspect.

In the meantime, Jones and her mother are hoping that someone will recognize one of the three people in the video

You don't want this to happen to anyone else, and I want them to be held accountable for what has happened, especially the driver. The driver looks as though they are of legal age and should know better, said Carlisha.

The driver is referred to as CB in the video and the boy who slapped Calaybra is referred to as Lil Rick.

All day Carlisha has been reaching out on social media trying to help Austin police find who hurt her daughter. She wants a conviction.

I think probation is just going to be a slap on the hand and [say], 'Oh, I can go out and do this again and just do six months community service.'

Something so they know that that's not right, said Jones.

According to Austin police, the teenage who slapped Jones could either be charged with assault by contact, which carries a $500 fine. The person could also be charged with aggravated assault, a felony charge.

The charge will depend on the results of the investigation.On Wednesday night the video was removed from Kade Fresco s YouTube page.

Fresco has not returned our requests for comment.

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