CBS News' Seth Doane reports anger boiled over Wednesday morning as the Malaysian authorities prepared for their briefing.

Two Chinese relatives of passengers held up a banner saying Truth in Chinese and started shouting before security personnel escorted them out.

I want you to help me to find my son! one of the two women said.

Hishammuddin Hussein announced that a delegation of Malaysian government officials, diplomats, air force and civil aviation officials will head to Beijing - where many of the passengers' relatives are gathered - to give briefings to the next of kin on the status of the search.

A source with knowledge of the investigation tells CBS News correspondent Jeff Pegues that there is a small group of American investigators painstakingly working to refine the data gathered from the Malaysians. The NTSB has a small team of three in Kuala Lumpur while the FAA has two investigators there coordinating with the Malaysian investigators.

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