HOUSTON - Each night, the crowds at Rodeo Houston line up to meet their favorite cowboy.
Overjoyed, is a good way to describe their reaction. A feeling that Sherri Smith is all too familiar with.

It s not something that s different for us, Smith said. It s something that we re used to

You see, when she says we, she s referring to her family a group of cowboys and cowgirls who re-define what it means to be a rodeo family.

It s really a cool thing that we get to do this thing that we love for a living and that we all get to be together, Smith said.

Let s break it down.

Sherri and Roy Cooper have 3 sons Clint Cooper, Clif Cooper and Tuf Cooper. They, along with their Uncle Stran Smith and cousin Stetson Vest are all tie down ropers.

Shada Brazile is their sister and she competes in barrel racing.

And last, but definitely not least, Shada s husband Trevor Brazile is a world champion.

That s 7 members of one family in the spotlight and sometimes on the same night. But the competition is just the beginning.

We get to cheat the system, we have a home away from home, Stran Smith said.

For most competitors, life on the road is pretty solitary. This family though, doesn t have to worry about that. They all travel together all the time it s a constant family reunion of sorts.

KHOU 11 Sports reporter Daniel Gotera caught up with First Family of Rodeo.

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