PASADENA, Texas -- Extra police patrols drove around Teague Elementary School in Pasadena Thursday after a young girl reported a man tried to lure her into his SUV.

The suspect reportedly tried to use the freezing weather as a pretext for offering the child a ride. But the middle-school aged girl, who d just walked her younger sisters to school, ignored the stranger and headed directly home.

The incident happened around 7:30 in the morning as the girl walked through Burke / Crenshaw Park, which sits across the street from the elementary school. School officials say the girl routinely walked her sisters to school, then cut through the park to head home when the man in the black SUV called out to her.

He said to her, It s very cold out here. Let me take you to school, said Renea Ivy, a spokesperson for the Pasadena Independent School District. She knew not to talk to him as a stranger, so she just kept walking.

The girl walked directly home and told her mother, who reported the incident to Pasadena police. School officials notified parents through an automated phone call.

Parents playing with their children in the park voiced concern.

Knowing that somebody tried to pick up a girl here is kind of disturbing, said Alex Martinez, as her son scrambled around a playground slide. I mean, I live right across the street. Knowing that there are people out her lurking for kids is kind of uncomfortable.

Pasadena police were working on a composite sketch they hope to release by Friday.

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