WESTMINSTER, Colo. - One student was severely injured and a staff member was slightly injured in the cafeteria of Standley Lake High School at 9300 W 104th Ave. after a fire broke out on Monday.

Fire officials say more than 80 percent of the 16-year-old s body was burned. Sources tell 9NEWS the Standley Lake student tried to kill himself by dousing himself with oil and setting himself on fire. The student was taken to the hospital after the fire.

He is in critical condition after his suicide attempt. 9NEWS knows the name of the student who set himself on fire but is choosing not to release it to give investigators time to notify the family, his friends and the community.

He did leave a suicide note on social media saying this is not someone s fault. I had this planned for years. He went on to talk about his plans and how friends over the weekend tried to talk him out of it. He finishes the note saying if anyone says that they know why I did this ... nobody knows and nobody will.

Police are looking at his suicide note.

A teacher suffered minor lacerations to her hand while trying to get the fire extinguisher from its glass container. She was treated at the scene.

A custodian was able to grab the fire extinguisher and put the fire out quickly.

The fire broke out at 7:12 a.m. Fire officials say there is not a lot of damage to the building, but smoke did fill the area.

Firefighters investigating the cafeteria area also discovered an empty one-gallon can of fuel on the floor.

The Westminster Police Department is reviewing video taken in the cafeteria at the high school Monday morning.

Investigators are also at the victim s home, searching for clues as to what led to his actions.

Police tell 9NEWS, the teen never tried to hurt other kids after setting himself on fire.

School was canceled for the day, and parents who already arrived on the campus were sent home. School is also canceled Tuesday.

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