HOUSTON -- The running of the bulls, something often seen in Spain, is taking place in the states these days, and this weekend it will land at Baytown s Royale Purple Raceway.

The Great Bull Run will take place on Saturday, Jan. 25, 2014.

Organizers said the idea was to bring the great Spanish tradition closer to home.

It started off kind of as a joke, said Rob Dickens, the owner of The Great Bull Run. Then we started to look into it and determined we could actually bring it here.

It costs $70 to brave the bulls. About 3,000 locals have signed up and assumed the risk.

It's not a simulated danger like a horror movie or a ride, said Dickens. You could possibly die.

They use both bulls and steers for the run. The animals have an average weight of about 15 hundred pounds.

We've had some broken arms, broken pelvises, concussions, people knocked out.

PETA plans to protest the event. But organizers insist the bulls or not struck or tortured and have never been injured.

Runners have to be at least 18 but there will also be a food fight in the afternoon open to people of all ages.

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