HARRIS COUNTY A northeast Harris County family is heartbroken after somebody stole their Shih-Tzu right out of their front yard.

Demetria George says Honey is a beloved member of their family.

When you love dogs, they have your heart like it s your child, George said. I feel like someone came on my property and took my baby.

The family recently installed security cameras after someone broke into their vehicles. The cameras were rolling when a woman in a silver SUV pulled up around 1 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 14.

She picked up Honey, walked around for a minute, then got back in the SUV and drove away. She appeared to be wearing pink sweats and black boots.

I think she saw an opportunity, George said.

The family put up missing dog flyers all over the neighborhood. Someone contacted their home and threatened to kill Honey.

He said, I have Honey. I m going to shred her to pieces and mail her to you, George said. That was heartbreaking for someone to have the nerve to tell you that.

Police believe the caller is most likely a mean-spirited prankster and not connected to the woman who stole Honey.

This family is hoping the suspect will return the dog. They even left a kennel in the front yardso they can returnHoney.

If the dog is returned, the family promises not to press charges.

Please just give her back to us, George said.

If you know anything, Demetria George can be reached at

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