HOUSTON -- A gunman shot a yard worker and then robbed him and his entire crew in Inwood Forest on Wednesday in an attack that Houston police say is not all that uncommon.

The work crew, trimming crape myrtles along Green Lawn Drive near Arncliffe, was approached by a male around noon. Manuel Juarez told us his co-worker and friend was standing on a ladder trimming one of the trees when the man approached and shot the co-worker in the upper leg. The robber then demanded and got the cell phones and cash of every member of the five man crew.

Yes telephones and money, Juarez said.

He said his friend who was shot in the leg was carrying $800 and the gunman got that too.

The man then escaped on foot across the Inwood Forest golf course and vanished into the neighborhood.

We did an extensive search of the surrounding areas, HPD and Harris County constables. We have not located the suspect at this time, said Houston Police Officer J. Chambers.

Officers said the shooting is unusual but that robberies like this are not. Yard workers are often targeted because they carry cash and because the attackers believe they won t often report the crime.

The injured worker was taken to Ben Taub Hospital in the Texas Medical Center with injuries that were not considered life threatening.

At the time of this report a full description of the attacker had not been released.

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