HOUSTON Merchants are happy about moving merchandise the day after Christmas, but some consumers think holiday shopping has gone too far these days.

Yes, I think it s gone way too far, one shopper said.

Some shoppers asked the question: What could we possibly still need to buy at this point?

Probably nothing but it s always, it s always fun to go to the mall, shopper Cary Gordon said.

One shopper was having fun buying a cart full of $15 jeans. She planned to spend about $500 at the mall but she said if not for the stores deep discounts her purchases would cost $1,500.

Sisters Jenny and Nancy Nguyen said their day after Christmas outing was more of a pre-New Year s shopping trip.

I m looking for a New Year s dress to go to my New Year s party, Jenny said.

Yes, definitely for New Year s, Nancy added.

Other shoppers were all about using their gift cards or returning items. Shopper Lola Franklin was returning some of the gifts her husband gave her.

I got a Michael Kors sweater and pants and I took it back and exchanged it. I just got a store credit, she said. But I did get this Pandora bracelet so I m happy with that and I got my one carat (diamond necklace) so I m happy with that.

My uncle (returned a shirt) because it didn t quite fit him as well as he d like so he went back and got a different one, said shopper Emilee Champion.

Shopper Roxanne Ellis had a return trip to the mall automatically built in to her gift-giving when it came to her college-aged children.

I have two sizes of each, so they got to keep which one they wanted, she said.

Memorial City Mall opened early Thursday at 7 a.m. but Friday, it s back to regular hours.

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