HOUSTON -- A 28-year-old man held his girlfriend hostage at gunpoint in a southwest side condo early Thursday morning, Houston police said.

Witnesses at the condo complex on Ormandy Street at S. Main Street called the Houston Police Department after they said the man forced his girlfriend into one of the units around 2 a.m.

Police arrived and a SWAT team was soon called in to negotiate.

The standoff came to an end more than three hours later after the man gave himself up. The man, who police said had an open warrant for aggravated assault, was taken into custody.

No injuries were reported.

Family and friends gathered outside the condo. They said they were surprised by the situation and did not know of any problems in the relationship. They said the woman who was held hostage is a mother of three, and the kids were in the condo at the time of the standoff.

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