ALVIN, Texas -- The Alvin Police Department might be small but it's thinking big with new equipment. Last month, they purchased officer body cameras.

They pick up where the dash cameras leave off.

We record everything we do in the cars and now in body mounted cameras, said Sergeant Tim Hubbard.

The department has nearly 25 cameras and the entire patrol division wears them. They look like pagers that clip on to an officer's uniform.

You pull the lever down the front cover and the device starts recording video and audio.

We bring the cameras in at the end of the day and hook them up to computers and download them like you would anything else, Sgt. Hubbard told us.

The video is used as evidence and even help in cases where citizens file complaints against officers.

It's easier to verify validity of complaints by going back and looking at video, he said. It makes people more comfortable and sure of what's going on.

Each camera costs $900 and they are setting Alvin Police apart from other departments.

Not even Houston Police have them yet.

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