HOUSTON A 24-year-old man says he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol when his girlfriend s two young sons, whom he was caring for alone, were abused, according to Houston police.

Quentin Edward Chavez was charged with felony injury to a child.

The boys mother said she left her two boys, ages 1 and 2, with Chavez while she went to work on May 20. They were both sound asleep when she kissed them around 6 a.m., then headed off to work. When she returned, her children were not in the same condition. They were covered in bruises, according to court documents.

The mother confronted Chavez, who said he did not know what happened, then rushed her sons to West Houston Medical Center.

Both boys were found to have multiple bruises all over their faces and bodies. The 1-year-old had bruising to the right temporal area, right maxillary area and bruising to the lip and around both eyes.

The 2-year-old had bruising and swelling to both eyes, a tear on the upper lip, a large bruise and swelling to the left eyelid and an injury on the right thigh. The injuries were consistent with child abuse, doctors said.

The little boys mother said she left her sons in the care of Chavez, her live-in boyfriend.

When questioned by investigators, Chavez admitted that he was the only person caring for the boys at the time they were injured. He said the night before he kept the boys, he took two Xanax pills, drank a half bottle of Captain Morgan Rum and three 40-ounce Budweiser beers, according to court documents. Chavez told investigators he might have caused the injuries to the boys because he was under the influence of the drugs and alcohol, but could not remember.

If I had been in my right mind, it wouldn t have happened and because I did all the stuff I did, it happened, Chavez said in a statement to investigators.

Charges were filed on October 23 and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

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