CONROE, Texas -- It started as a routine ride for the Woodlands Cycling Club Race Team, and ended as a crime scene in the Red Oak Ranch neighborhood of Conroe.

Ten members of the cycling team said they were riding single file on Lake Forest Driver near Old Conroe Road on Thursday night.

The cyclists claim 74-year-old driver Sherman Clark pulled up next to them and screamed for them to get off the road.

According to cyclists, Clark continued to taunt them, pulled ahead of them and then slammed on his brakes. That s when one of the riders reportedly crashed in to the back of Clark s truck.

Once he saw me in his mirror, he veered right and slammed on the brakes. I had no time to react, said Rick Sauvageau.

Rick Sauvageau is now recovering with a fractured wrist and an injured shoulder and knee.

It was beyond me that the guy would do that in the first place, explained Sauvageau.

One cyclist pulled out his cell phone and recorded video of what happened next.

Clark is seen in the video holding a baseball bat.

Sir, why you holding a bat, asked one of the cyclists.

To protect myself, Clark replies in the video.

The video ends with Clark apparently leaving the scene and running over a bicycle.

I m just going, this isn t really happening is it? This is like out of the movies, said witness Steve Schoger.

Woodlands Cycling Club member Steve Schoger said he and his fellow cyclists did nothing to provoke Clark.

He needs counseling for sure. He needs Jesus, said Schoger.

Deputies said Clark later returned to the scene.

He was arrested on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and criminal mischief.

According to court records, Clark has since posted bond.

KHOU s attempts to reach Clark on Friday were unsuccessful.

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