HOUSTON -- A new memo from the NFL would ban off-duty officers from bringing guns into games. That s not going to fly in the state of Texas.

Texas law trumps the brand new policy from the NFL.

The memo states that off-duty officers who attempt to bring firearms into an NFL facility will be denied entry.

That certainly caught the president of Houston s police union off guard because he feels officers should be able to take action at any time.

We have lots of officers that go to the games, lots of officers who are off duty and most of our officers carry a weapon whenever they're off duty. It s concealed. No one knows it, said Ray Hunt.

The NFL believes there are enough security personnel inside stadiums to handle stadiums.

Hunt, on the other hand, feels an added layer of protection doesn t hurt.

Our chief and our policy dictate that we would take action if we saw something taking place, Hunt said. I would expect the owners would want officers in those games to assist with the people who are already working there.

In Dallas, off-duty officers are asked to check in at a specific gate and let security know where they are sitting.

The Houston Texans said it has not yet worked out those kinds of arrangements with Houston Police.

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