HOUSTON A couple of tow truck drivers put themselves in harm s way Wednesday while trying to catch a hit-and-run suspect.

They saw a guy t-bone a car carrying a mother and her two small children.

Me and Brian just jumped out and made sure she was OK, said Ariel Parra, a wrecker driver who saw the whole thing. I couldn t believe it. There was kids, the lady was in shock. She didn t know what was happening. He took off like he didn t care about anything.

The hit-and-run driver sped away down Fondren near Bellaire.

The guy ran the light, said Parra, who has worked for Precise Towing for 15 years.

Another wrecker saw the guy take off and followed him. The suspect then pulled over and took off running.

Police caught up with him on Moonmist Drive.

The suspect had to have oxygen at the scene.

He, the woman and children were taken to area hospitals to be checked out.

It makes me upset. Why? You have family. You wouldn t hurt them and take off, Parra said. This type of job makes me think about life because every day it s different. You don t know what you re going to run into, slow down a little bit.

Officers are trying to figure out what the suspect didn t stop. They found an American flag folded neatly in the back seat of his car.

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