HOUSTON Surveillance video captured thieves stealing a catering business large barbecue pit in broad daylight.

Harold Kelly said he came into work to see a single cinder block in place of Melange catering s 20-foot-long barbecue pit.

Oh it s huge, we even custom did it so there is a lot of moving space, it s set up like a kitchen, like a catering service would set up a big pit, Kelly said.

Thieves managed to steal the black, three-chamber barbecue pit. Surveillance video shows the men breaking open the metal fence around 4 p.m. Sunday. Minutes later, they drove out with the trailer hitched to a Ford Explorer with chrome rims.

I hate to think scrap metal would become of the pit, we are kind of attached to it, it s kind of special to us, said Greg Richards.

The pit is also used by Richard s barbecue team for major charity events. He said it was most recently used during fundraisers for first responders in West, Texas and Houston firefighters injured in the massive hotel blaze.

We do a lot of good with this pit, it s something we are kind of proud of and hate to see go, he said.

But with the pit gone Richards said it will prevent them from helping other causes.

People make mistakes in life. I don t know what they are going through. If they just want to bring it back, they can bring it back, no questions asked, he said.

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