HOUSTON Wrapping up my week-long look at tech savings for college students, we turn to Amazon.

It s one of the largest online retailers, so of course it has a section dedicated to back-to-school.

On its homepage right now, there s a promo code anyone can use to get 20 percent off all backpacks. There s also 20 percent off a selection of tablet and laptop computers as well as 30 percent off external hard drives and other accessories (including those all-too-necessary flash memory sticks). Check it out here:

Beyond the back-to-school deals, the retailer also has a page called Amazon Student. It s here college kids can sign up for free two-day shipping as well as half off an Amazon Prime account, which gets you movies, TV shows, and Kindle e-books. In addition, students can earn $5 for every friend they refer. Check it out here:

So what about a few gift ideas?

Firstly, check out the Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip( It s an MP3 player that can handle audio books, podcosts, etc., but it also has a built-in FM tuner. It s great for students because it can also record audio like class lectures. It costs just $38.

Secondly, check out the Amazon Kindle ( It s good for students because it can hold over 1,000 books, it weighs less than six ounces, and the screen is easy on the eyes (it s not like reading off of the bright light of a laptop or tablet). Because it doesn t require a lot of battery power, you don t have to charge it daily. It costs $69.

Thirdly, check out the Roku LT streaming player ( It streams 750 channels of TV shows and movies from the Internet to your TV, and you can set it up with your Netflix and Hulu account. This will give students a nice break from their studies and give their probably overused laptops a break. It costs $50.

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