SAN ANTONIO -- It's that time of year when Texans can show their personality through the purchase of a 7-letter license plate.

Until July 31 Texans can add flare to their license plates with the purchase of a 7-letter plate from My Plates. The $17.5 million of profits since November 2009 from the specialty plates has added to the general revenue fund of Texas, which pays for services for all Texans.

The 7-letter plates can be pretty pricey due to the competition to get names like Houston ($25,000), ROCKETS ($16,500), FERRARI ($15,000) and COWBOYS($11,500). All were sold at auction.

The 7-letter plates are fairly rare with fewer than 6,500 plates of the over 22 million registered vehicles in Texas, according to a press release. They were first introduced in 2011 when the maximum letter number of letters on plates increased from six to seven.

The 7-letter plates are $795 for a 10-year term, averaging out to just under $80 a year.

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