HOUSTON -- Suzanne Ryan woke up to an unexpected sight outside her Montrose townhome.

I noticed my car was ajar like this and I thought, Oh shoot, we didn t close it, the battery was dead, Ryan said.

When Ryan looked inside, she saw her center consul was open with its contents strewn about the car.

I saw my winter gloves were out, my ice scraper was out, a name tag, crackers, junk you just keep in our car, Ryan said.

Thankfully, she says, since nothing of value was left inside -- nothing was taken. However, Ryan and her husband immediately checked their surveillance camera for clues, and soon, spotted the person who scaled an eight-foot fence and rummaged through her car.

Surprisingly when he opened the door and the car lights lit up his face, we got a great picture and he didn t run away, Ryan said.

With such clear images caught on her surveillance camera, Ryan put up posters with the suspect s picture. She didn t stop there.

Ryan also posted the pictures on two different Facebook pages to get the word out.

It s a good way to get to know neighbors and for people to share information, Ryan said.

Turns out this man has been seen around the neighborhood before.

A couple people recognized him as someone who had been to their door for the last couple of years, asking for money, Ryan said.

She just hopes all of the exposure will eventually get him caught.

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