HOUSTON - I think we ve got to give a lot of credit to Rockets head coach Kevin McHale who has been forced to use, not one, not two, or three but 11 different starting lineups.

This season, he s not only had to juggle those lineups, but he s had to coach new players, get to know them and get them to buy into his system. McHale also had to leave the team for a month during the season to deal with the heartbreaking death of his 23 year-old daughter Sasha.

Despite all the potholes and unimaginable sadness that McHale had to deal with, through the sheer force of his personality and experience he got these guys to believe in themselves. Kevin McHale owns 3 NBA Championship rings from the Celtics, two of those won against the Rockets in the finals.

He s been there done that, if there ever was a coach s player, it s Kevin McHale.

He has a genuine passion for the game that shows, and the players can see it. They can feel it. Now, it s showing on the court. They may or may not win this series, but what they ve learned, and how these kids have reached NBA adulthood these last five games bodes awfully well for the Rockets future as long as Kevin McHale is there leading the way.

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