HOUSTON A pair of determined smash-and-grab burglars tried to steal an ATM machine from an east Houston convenience store early Tuesday morning. They failed.

Surveillance video shows the crooks using tools to pry open the front gate of the All In One store at Lyons and Majestic. Then they smashed their pickup into the store over and over again.

After 30 minutes of trying to breakopen theATM machine with the truck,the burglars left without a dime. They escaped in a black car minutes before cops arrived.

Store clerk Karim Mareein arrived at work Tuesday to find broken shelves, shattered glass and food and other products scattered everywhere.

Mareein said the store has been burglarized three other times this year.

We re losing too much money, Mareein said. Right now, what can I do? I don t know.

Usually the thieves take cigarettes.

Mareein thinks the same crooks are behind all of the burglaries.

He hopes they are caught before they strike again.

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