SAN MARCOS, Texas -- The damage is incredible -- an SUV smashed to pieces and a woman covered in bruises.

I suffered a concussion, and I'm black and blue all over, Jackie Anderson said.

Anderson, her husband, daughter and five-week-old granddaughter were traveling south on SH 130 near San Marcos last Friday, when the unexpected happened.

I was resting in the car kind of in and out of it, and all of a sudden I hear my husband scream 'Oh my god, oh my god, said Anderson.

Anderson s car hit a pack of 25 to 30 feral hogs standing in the middle of the highway.

They got caught up in the wheels like marbles, she said.

The SUV rolled 10 times, and went over 300 feet. The debris field was a half a mile long.

All four people inside, including the infant, survived. However, Anderson s dog didn t make it.

She died in my arms, Anderson said.

Now Anderson wants to warn other drivers before it happens again.

Eighty-five miles an hour and crashing into 30 hogs was a death trap, she said.

There is a wildlife warning sign a few hundred yards before the accident site, but Anderson said it s not enough when you re driving the speed limit.

There s no lights out there, there's no warning, she said.

Nick Dornak with Plum Creek Watershed tells KVUE the feral hogs on the toll road are a huge problem.

We're concerned about it all over the county; all over the state we're seeing these issues more and more, Dornak said.

They're working to find a solution, but since it's a new highway it will take time for the animals to adapt.

They're confused. We've taken their home, and they're confused and they're just standing in the middle of these roads, Anderson said.

Increasing the danger for drivers on the fastest road in the country.

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