SAN ANTONIO -- Did she jump or was she pushed out of a moving car and onto the roadway? That's the question for San Antonio investigators who say a lovers' quarrel was the catalyst of the early-morning accident along Culebra and I-10 early Wednesday morning.

Bonnie Candela had been at a downtown bar withFernando Candela Tuesday night. Apparently, the two were arguing when Fernando Candela allegedly hit Bonnie Candela.

Just after midnight the two continued their argument in a red SUV, authorities said.

But what happened next was unclear. The woman claims she jumped out of the moving car, but witnesses say Fernando Candela pushed her out.

Both the victim and the driver were found at the scene. Both were intoxicated, police said.

Officer Matthew Porter with SAPD said Bonnie Candela was either pushed out or forced out by pointing a pistol at her while the vehicle was still moving.

Porter said Fernando Candela had someone drive the vehicle to a location on Albert Street, where authorities later found it. They said they also found a loaded pistol in the car.

Fortunately, Bonnie Candela only suffered minor scratches and bruises to her head and was taken to Metropolitan Hospital for treatment.

Police arrested the man at the scene. He is facing charges of aggravated assault.

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