HOUSTON A restaurant owner took down a man who appeared to be taking aim at his mural of President Barack Obama Sunday night in Midtown.

Just last week, artists repainted the mural of Obama after vandals ruined it four times before. Owner Marcus Davis is determined to keep it clean.

Caught on surveillance video, Davis wrestled a man who he believed was about to spray paint the mural. It happened at about 7:30 p.m.

Davis was driving around his property when he noticed someone on a bicycle standing behind the Breakfast Klub in the 3700 block of Travis Street. Davis said the guy had a can of paint.

Davis said he called police, and then confronted the man before damage was done.

The guy tried to get away, but Davis chased the guy down tackling him and holding him across the street until police showed up.

I m also thinking that it could have been a different scenario. I could have woke up tomorrow morning and got phone calls that someone vandalized my property again, Davis said. Additionally I was thinking that while I ve captured him, as I stated before... capturing someone or securing the building doesn t change anything.

Since the man did not vandalize the mural, he could not be charged with a crime and was released.

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