HOUSTON - It was one of the most publicized, and hyped, parties surrounding the NBA All-Star Game in Houston and it was called Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous.

It was held Friday night at Club Rich s on San Jacinto Street. Though a number of celebrities did show up, one big name did not.

Alicia Keys was advertised as the host and never arrived. Some guests shelled out hundreds of dollars to see her, and were furious when they never did.

The event s publicist, Jerroy Germaine, says he was upset too. Germaine told 11 News that a sports agent had a verbal agreement with Keys bodyguard to bring her, but there was never a contract. He accepted their promise in good faith.

Early this morning, Keys husband called the event a false promo in a post on Twitter.

Germaine said Keys arrived in Houston around 2 a.m. from London and it s unlikely she could have made it.

The no-show now has some ticket holders worried other parties may have been mis-billed. The same promoters behind Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous are behind other events as well.

It is unclear whether the party s ticket holders could be eligible for refunds.

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