HOUSTON A new map is showing where Houston is getting the hardest hit by the flu virus.

In ZIP code 77547 there are two elementary schools, a middle school and a high school and it s been bad there for weeks.

There are 5 of us and we are all sick, said Carolina Martin, a Galena park resident.

Just north in the Fall Creek area was the same story. In fact, 16 percent of all ER visits for the flu came from just seven ZIP codes, including 77396.

I thought everyone around here would get a flu shot. You know to protect themselves, said Iris Tapley, anorth Houston resident. We are trying to see if they have any because Walgreens down there did not have any. So we are going to stop here and see if they have it.

Even in the hot zone there are those who cling to myths.

I don t take flu shots no more because when I took one it gave me the flu, said Reggie Mathis.

Health officials say that s not possible, but the best protection is still getting the shot.

I know people that got a flu shot that still got the flu because it doesn t cover all the strains so it is not foolproof, said Shelley Walker, a health care worker.

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