HURST, Texas-- Hurst police released the dash-cam video and audio of a controversial arrest at a park last Wednesday.

They are from the incident involving Officer Disraeli Arnold, who was caught on cell phone video yelling at a teenager and apparently kneeing the 17 year old while he is on the ground.

Police video shows the incident started when Officer Miguel Jimenez arrived at Bellaire Park. He approaches Andrew Rodriguez and two of his friends off camera. He started asking the group questions, asking each their name and calling dispatch to check on their backgrounds. He then asked one of the young men if he was hiding something in a car.

Officer Jimenez: All of the sudden you start reaching and you pull something from your pocket and then you put something in the back?

Male: I got my phone there.

Seven minutes after, dispatch notifies Officer Jimenez that Rodriguez has an outstanding warrant and that the driver of the car, Rodriguez's friend, does not have a license. The officer informed the two of the information.

At that point, Rodriguez decides to call his mother. Officer Jimenez asked him to hang up. Rodriguez refused.

Officer Jimenez: You want me to take the phone for you or want to hang it up?

Rodriguez: You are not going to take it.

Officer Jimenez: I'm gonna take it. I guarantee you I'm going to take it. You call your mom...

Rodriguez: I'm at the park right now, and this cop is harassing me. Don't touch me, dog.

Shortly after, there's a struggle. Officer Jimenez calls for back up as he tries to control the situation. The two are not seen on camera, but you can hear the officer telling the teen to follow orders, and then the officer puts him in a hold.

Rodriguez: I can't breathe.

Officer Jimenez: Just relax.

Rodriguez: I'm relaxed. Alright.

From then on, Rodriguez begins to comply, but seconds later, Officer Arnold shows up. The police cruiser cameras did not record his arrival, but you can hear a scuffle on the audio tapes and Rodriguez' friend's video shows Arnold sprinting to the scene and apparently dropping his knee into the teen, though that occurs just off camera.

Officer Arnold: Move, move and die. Move and [expletive] die.

Rodriguez is also heard using foul language.

Officer Arnold: Get down and shut the [expletive] up.

Rodriguez: You [expletive].

Officer Arnold: Get down and shut the [expletive] up and don't say nothing else.

Rodriguez: It wasn't necessary for you... to hit me in the back of my head.

As Arnold puts Rodriguez in the back of the police car, he threatens the teen saying, Blink wrong. Blink. Blink wrong. Minutes later, the officer reached in the vehicle and wipes off Rodriguez' face.

You can't hear it in the police video, but Rodriguez said while he was in the backseat, he asked Arnold why he hit him. Rodriguez told us the officer didn't respond.

The police videos show an officer talking to one of the kids' parents afterward. He told the man about the cell phone recording.

Officer: If that thing starts showing up on YouTube and other things like that, it's not the best idea.

The Hurst Police Department is investigating the incident and Arnold's conduct. He remains on paid administrative leave.

Rodriguez is facing a charge of resisting arrest. He plans to plea not guilty.


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