HOUSTON A young Houston woman is accused of relentlessly stalking and threatening a man she only dated for one month, according to Houston police.

Marva Aline Bryant, 27, was charged with stalking.

Investigators said Bryant stalked the man from May through late September. During that time, she threatened to break into and burn his house down, run him over with a car, knock his head off and choke him, among other things.

The victim told investigators he saw Bryant standing outside his southwest Houston apartment on several occasions. She followed him around the city and bombarded him with text messages threatening to mess him up and damage his property, according to investigators.

The victim said he only dated Bryant for one month and, after ending their brief relationship in December 2011, has had to make several police reports about her terrorizing him.

Bryant went by her ex-boyfriend s house uninvited on May 6 and threw a set of keys at him. The next day, she banged on his door and demanded he let her in. When he refused, she threw objects at his door. He called police this time to make a report. The victim showed police a text message he sent to Bryant warning her to leave him alone or he would file trespassing charges against her.

On May 19, Bryant followed the victim as he drove away from his home. He had another woman in the car at that time. Bryant threw a glass bottle at his vehicle, causing minor damage, according to court documents.

Bryant left a barrage of voice messages threatening to bust out his windows, make sure everything he ever owned in life was destroyed and said she was going to hurt him. She also told him not to think the law would protect him and a restraining order was not going to stop her from knocking his head off.

She sent a text message saying This means war and another one saying she wanted him to end up in the hospital like she did.

Bryant approached her ex-lover in a grocery store parking lot on August 4 and told him the next time she saw him, she would run him over. The terror did not end there.

She went back to his apartment on August 12 and banged on the door with a sharp object, and on August 18, she caught him in a drive-thru at McDonald s and banged on his vehicle. That incident was captured on video.

When the victim was away in Florida on August 31, Bryant sent a text message telling him she hoped he had home owner s insurance and he would have a big surprise waiting for him when he returned.

Bryant went again to her ex-boyfriend s home on September 23, repeatedly beating on the door and ringing the door bell.

Officers ordered her to stop and told her the behavior made her ex-boyfriend fear for his life.

She ignored officer s orders and continued stalking her ex and charges were filed.

Police issued a warrant for her arrest. No bond has been issued.

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