HOUSTON Just days after their loved one was killed a family says they are upset that no one has been arrested.

Carol Holland s 35-year-old son Patrick was fatally stabbed inside the apartment he shared with his girlfriend and their roommate.

She said she may never forget the moment she found out. After receiving a phone call from a friend, she drove to the apartment complex early Saturday morning and found an active crime scene.

The pain was so much greater than you could have ever imagined, Holland said.

An officer came to my car and told me that Patrick was deceased.

She said her son never made it to the hospital. The father of two bled to death from a stab wound.

I just want to know the truth and I want them to actively investigate the truth, she said.

Authorities said Holland and his girlfriend had a history of domestic violence, and that after his death, she admitted stabbing him accidentally in the midst of an argument. But she wasn t taken into custody and the district attorney s office decided to refer the case to a grand jury.

I want justice for my grandchildren and for my son, Holland said.

That could take some time. In fact, investigators said the waiting list for a case like this one to be heard in Harris County is long, and could stretch out possibly for as many as eight months.

That s because cases where no one has been arrested or charged tend to be more complicated, and the investigations more lengthy.

That means there are tons of mothers out there like me, Holland said.

She said the longer wait only adds to the pain.

I can t believe it, she said.

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