HOUSTON -- Two Houston police officers fired after the 2010 videotaped beating of a 15-year-old burglar are back on the job.

Chief Charles McClelland says Officers Lewis Childress and Guadencio Saucedo regained their jobs through appeals. Neither was charged following the videotaped beating of Chad Holley.

McClelland said Thursday he still believes both officers, who are now on property room duty, used excessive force.

In March 2010, HPD officers were captured on surveillance cameras arresting Holley. After Holley jumped over the hood of a police car, he fell to the ground and put his hands behind his head. Several officers pounced on Holley and proceeded to kick and hit him both before and after he was handcuffed.

Once released, the now infamous surveillance video caused a firestorm of controversy.

Civil rights leaders and Holley supporters rallied and protested for justice. The incident also resulted in the firing of seven officers, four of whom were charged.

Ex-officer Andrew Blomberg was the first to stand trial for misdemeanor official oppression. His defense attorney, Dick DeGuerin, told the jury during opening statements that Blomberg was a hero who was simply trying to help restrain a burglar who was resisting arrest.

A jury in May acquitted Blomberg of the charges.

The other three former officers -- Raad Hassan, Drew Ryser and Phil Bryan -- are still awaiting trial.

Holley was convicted of burglary in juvenile court and put on probation for the 2010 case. He was arrested again in June 2012 for allegedly burglarizing another home with three of his friends.

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