GALVESTON Several thousand onlookers will crowd Pier 21 in Galveston next week, eager for a glimpse at a new breed of Navy warship and the crew that will man her.

The vessel is a football field in length and so fast designers compare her to a sports car on supersized steroids. She ll arrive at Port 21 as the Fort Worth and gain the official title of the USS Fort Worth after commissioning ceremonies Sept. 22.

Ernie Connor, U.S. Navy retired, director of the Galveston Naval Foundation, described how events will take place during the ceremony.

Congressman Kay Granger says, Captain, man our ship and bring her to life, Connor said. Sailors will man the ship, light off the various systems, and then, as the newest ship in the Navy, she and her crew stand ready to complete her role as part of the mightiest Navy in the world.

The Galveston group is the host of the commissioning ceremony.

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