COLLEGE STATION, Texas Witnesses in a neighborhood near College Station were ducking for cover Wednesday when bullets started flying.

When the gunfire ended, a constable, a male civilian and the gunman were dead. A female civilian and a police officer were wounded.

Constable Brian Bachmann was the first victim. He was gunned down when he went to serve an eviction notice at a house on Fidelity Street, near Kyle Field.

When other officers arrived, a shootout erupted that lasted for several minutes.

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We saw the officer crouch down behind the golden sedan that was parked in front and heard him yell, Put your hands up, put your hands up, said Diana Harcourt, who lives nearby. Then we just started hearing more sirens, then the fire truck and more officers came and yelled for us to get inside.

Chuck Ross, who also lives nearby, said he heard as many as 40 gunshots.

I heard two bullets whiz right by my room... and I just threw myself out of bed and said, I don t think I should be by my window right, now, Ross said.

It wasn t like a continuous stream of gunfire, but you heard like, pop, pop, pop and then pop, pop, pop, said Jonathan Bernon, who was working nearby. Sounded like it was some sort of assault rifle.

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Berman was landscaping one street over when he and his crew members heard the first shots.

All my guys took shelter back behind the house and I went to the truck and loaded my pistol, Bernon said. Shortly after, a police officer came by and told us we needed to evacuate the area.

Bernon saw another officer nearby and asked her what was happening.

She told me there was a shooting and I asked her if everybody was OK. She had a real serious look on her face, Bernon said. She shook her head and said, No, everybody s not OK.

Harcourt realized just how close she came to danger when officers showed her a bullet hole in the side of her house.

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