HOUSTON -- The Chick-fil-A CEO s statements in support of traditional marriage has sparked both protest and supportive actions.

First it was supporters who held Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day. On Friday opponents held an event of their own.

Although the leaders of the Houston Gay Political Caucus asked their community not to protest local restaurants, activists were still planning to share that public display of affection.

As business continued to bustle at Chick-fil-A restaurants in Houston, two young women said they were getting ready to make a symbolic protest.

I understand that it s a small act, but I think that it s still an important one, said Ariana Katechis.

Erin Dyer and Ariana Katechis are not a couple, and said they aren t gay, but planned to stand in front of the restaurant and kiss.

I think that some of the backlash at Chick-fil-A has probably been blown out of proportion, but I think it s because they ve allowed themselves to be, you know, an example, Katechis said.

The backlash from the company CEO s public support for a traditional biblical view of marriage between a man and a woman and the company s support for organizations fighting against gay-marriage initiatives.

I don t want to support that, and that s why I m not eating at Chick-Fil-A, but I still think it s fine that they have their opinion, Dyer said.

That opinion brought the business droves of support two days ago as customers rallied with their wallets and came to the company s defense.

Everybody (has) a right to their own opinion, but it (doesn t) stop me from eating, Terry Spark said.

At the Kirby and Highway 59 store the franchise owner was trying to diffuse the situation.

If there s a protest tonight I m going to, welcome them in: How you doing, he said.

Gay or straight customers and employees have always been welcome.

We welcome everyone. We hope everyone comes to our stores, he said.

Meanwhile customers promised to keep hitting the drive through, no matter who was kissing whom.

As long as they ain t kissing me I don t care, one dedicated customer said with a laugh.

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