HOUSTON It looks like Houston is about to get a big dose of Linsanity.

New York sources say that the New York Knicks will not be matching a contract from the Houston Rockets to point guard Jeremy Lin.

That means that Lin will bring his game back to Houston.

Some say that s a good thing because Toyota Center is a quiet place. Inside the Rocket s Team store the only insanity is trying to keep up with the jersey s flying out the door, not off the shelves. The player s themselves are headed out the door and fans are having a hard time keeping up.

We got Kevin Martin, Scola is, said Jeff Tinsley, who is an avid Rockets fan.

It s been enough to drive fans crazy.

Enter Lin-Sanity.

Jeremy Lin lit up New York for the Knicks in 25 games as a starter last season and quickly vaulted to the top of the charts in jersey sales.

It seems a no brainer for the restricted free-agent to return there, at least until the Rockets offered a huge contract worth nearly $15 million in the third year.

That same contract would end up costing the Knicks much more than that under the NBA s new salary cap structure.

Now I say Lin got a chance because the Rocket s they change a lot. Who is the number one? You never know, said David Wang, who knows a little about hoops and the NBA connection to the Asian community.

He is Yao Ming s Uncle and figures the Rocket s have more in the works on a global scale,

I figure maybe they have some kind of deal? Don t worry about that 14 million we can cover that, he said.

The Lin deals cost could be easily off set by the huge Asian local and international markets.

Even rabid Rocket s fans aren t sure the deal is a good idea on the court.

I think a lot of it is hype, said Barry Lynn.

But fans also know there is more to it that points and assists.

From a marketing standpoint the success that they had from an international standpoint with Yao Ming once he became a good player. That could happen with Jeremy Lin, Lynn said.

One thing comes first.

The main thing is. You gotta play good, Wang said.

Without that fans say, maybe the Lin deal really is insane.

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