STAGECOACH, Texas A couple of young women had to climb into a tree to escape high water in the Montgomery County town of Stagecoach Thursday.

Their home on Shady Villa was surrounded by water from nearby Walnut Creek.

Their landlord in Michigan called and told the womento get out after hearing reports about flooding in the area.

We didn t realize it would be that bad until our landlord said it could flood all the way up to the house, said Haley Seymour. I mean, we were in our house. Our car is still in the driveway.

The roommates grabbed what they could carry and left.

Theyrealized the water was too high for their compact car, so they started walking.

But then they got scared and called 911.

Volunteer firefighters had to use a boat to rescue the women, who were found clinging to a tree.

They were embarrassed but fine otherwise.

The women are hoping the cats they left behind are OK, too.

I monster truck drove into the Cripple Creek Farms neighborhood to rescue other people who were stranded inside their homes.

Residents said they hadn't seen water this high in more than a decade.

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