HOUSTON-- A man accused of firing a semi-automatic weapon in downtown Houston in November appeared before a judge on Friday.

It was the first time Joshua Twohig appeared been in court after being shot by officers at Tranquility Park.

Twohig is charged with aggravated assault of a public servant. His bond was raised to $100,000 on Friday. The prosecutor said he felt Twohig could be a threat to society.

Twohig s attorney said his client has mental health issues.He said Twohig was convinced the FBI, CIA and HPD were after him and had bugged his house. As a result, he has bug detectors in his house.

Twohig showed up at the Occupy Houston camp in Tranquility Park on Nov. 21 with a rifle. Witnesses said he fired it in the air and when police showed up, he was yelling, Shoot me. Shoot me.

Officers said Twohig pointed the gun at them and that he reached for his waistband as if to grab a weapon.When Twohig wouldn t put down the gun, officers opened fire, striking him three times. One of the bullets hit his leg.

After appearing before a judge Friday, he limped out of court, looked right at his wife and raised his cuffed hands to say hello to her. She wouldn t talk about the shooting, but his attorney did.

He was very definitely not a member of Occupy Houston, said George Parnham, his attorney. He was out there all by himself and he, quite frankly, attempted to commit suicide by cop and that was almost successful.

Twohig underwent a mental competency evaluation on Thursday.The results, which are due back in a couple of weeks, will determine whether his attorney will pursue a mental health defense.

Parnham said they found diaries and writings of Twohig s that show he had no intention of hurting the police or anyone else.The materials indicated that he wanted to die.

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