HOUSTON A Woodlands man who was recently granted parole after serving 20 years in prison for the hate-crime killing of Paul Broussard has had his parole withdrawn.

Jon Buice s parole was withdrawn Tuesday afternoon after a parole board said they received new information not previously made available.

The ruling comes after his parole was granted late Friday. Buice was set to be released from prison in October.

In 1991, Buice and nine other teens, known as The Woodlands 10, brutally murdered Broussard in what would become Houston s most infamous gay-bashing hate crime.

Noel Freeman, president of the Houston Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Political Caucus, remembers the case well.

They came down here from The Woodlands for the express purpose of beating up some queers, is what they said in their statements after the fact, recalled Freeman. They beat Paul with a nail-studded 2x4, and John Buice gutted him like a deer.

At the time, Buice was 17. He was the one with the knife and received a 45-year sentence.

Crime victims advocate Andy Kahan was on the phone with Broussard s mother when Tuesday s news came.

Nancy couldn t believe it. It s been a long time since I heard her laughing. I could visually see her smiling on the phone. I could see a degree of humanity returning to her and she was so thankful and grateful for all the people, all the officials, all the groups for standing behind her and doing the right thing, Kahan said.

Buice has served less than half of his sentence.

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