LEAGUE CITY, Texas Volunteers with Texas EquuSearch on Monday found a 25-year-old man who d been trapped in a manhole since Saturday.

Kevin Gonterman went missing around 4:30 p.m. Saturday, after a fight with his girlfriend.

When he didn t return on Sunday, the girlfriend and his mother called police and Texas EquuSearch.

While League City investigators worked the case, volunteers with Texas EquuSearch started combing the woods near Gonterman s home at the Harbor Walk Apartments.

On Monday, searchers noticed an open manhole in a field, with the cover moved off.

When they looked inside, they found Gonterman, 25 feet down in the hole.

Rescue crews came out and extracted him from the hole.

Gonterman was loaded onto an ambulance and rushed to Memorial Hermann for treatment.

He s very fortunate that he was found and now he s got a good chance at survival, Black said. 

The manhole where he was found was located in a wooded field right across the street from Clear Creek High School, near FM 518.

We'll have an interview with Gonterman's girlfriend tonight on KHOU 11 News at 10.

He was down in a whole with small pipe leading down to it. At the end of it was two openings but they were both filled with water, said Frank Black with Texas Equusearch. I haven t seen the man but I m understanding he s alive and conscious but speaking somewhat incoherently but, uh, he s alive and conscious seems to be alright.

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