HOUSTON Mayor Annise Parker is using one of her opponent s letters to ask for campaign money nationwide.

The letter from Houston businessman Dave Wilson accused Parker of pushing a homosexual agenda and was mailed to precinct chairs and some of Parker s political contributors.

Her homosexual lifestyle doesn't bother me, Wilson said. What bothers me is her using her position as mayor of the City of Houston promoting the homosexual agenda.

Parker s campaign fired back a letter of its own to her supporters.

I am being attacked simply because I am a lesbian, the letter stated. Your contribution will help me win re-election and show David Wilson and narrow-minded bigots everywhere that anti-gay attacks don't work...

Parker s campaign says it s receiving donations from all over the country.

I chose to share that letter with a number of other supporters around the city, around the state and around the country and certainly was pleased with the affirmation of support that I got from the people who received that letter, Parker said Wednesday.

Wilson said he s trying to recruit a candidate to run against Parker. Right now there s no serious candidate with only about four months until the election.

But some people are wondering whether his tactic is backfiring.

They're playing to a different base, said Bob Stein, KHOU 11 News political analyst. And clearly, in the case of Mayor Parker, her base is not just here in Houston.

Thursday is the first fundraising deadline for the mayoral race. The exact totals should be released by July 15.

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