HOUSTON -- A group called Texas Watchdog says it has spotted a growing number of road-rage hot-spots in Houston.

KHOU 11 News retrieved accident numbers from the Texas Department of Transportation to find out exactly where those spots are located.

Houston Police Assistant Chief Brian Lumpkin said road rage is on his radar and he knows where it's happening most.

We are probably averaging about four calls a day related to road rage, he said. Specifically all your freeways -- your 610 Loop and, of course, Westheimer.

Hillcroft and Westheimer was one of Houston's worst intersections for road rage.

TxDOT's numbers, dating back to 2009, also show the Southwest Freeway near Kirby as a problem area for road rage.

Another hot spot is the Eastex Freeway near Tidwell.

Lumkin said slowing the growing trend on the road is easy -- just use common sense.

Don't escalate the situation -- don't do anything that's going to make the person even more angry, he said.

Road rage cases are tough for police to pin down because they often lead to more violent crime when punches start flying.

Everywhere from a simple assault where someone shoves you to an aggravated assault where someone injures you, Lumpkin said.

Anger on the road turned deadly on March 8 -- after gunfire erupted on Bissonnet Road.

Those who know Reshanette Houston said they weren't surprised to hear she was involved in the death of 49-year-old Carol Grant. Police said road rage left both women angry, and after they pulled into a parking lot to fight it out, Houston shot Grant -- a mother of five.

Houston hasn't been charged in the death, because she said she fired in self-defense.

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