HOUSTON Twin brothers accused of living with their dead mother for three months were out of jail on bond Monday, according to their defense attorney.

Edwin and Edward Berndt are charged with murder in connection with the death of their mother, 89-year-old Sybile Berndt.

A judge initially set the Berndts bonds at $500,000 each, but defense attorney Robert Scardino said the bonds were reduced to $30,000 each on Friday.

They bonded out that same day and were taken to a safe place for evaluation, where they remained Monday, Scardino said.

We want to make sure of the extent of their disability and how much care they need. They obviously need a lot because they can t take care of themselves, said Scardino.

Police found Sybile Berndt s decomposing body a week ago in the entryway of the southeast Houston home she shared with her sons.

According to court documents, the 48-year-old brothers, who family members claim are mentally disabled, told police they didn t call for help after their mother fell in January because they didn t have enough money.

She died three days after the fall. Then, the twins reportedly told investigators they didn t bury her because they couldn t afford a funeral.

The Berndts next court hearing is set for May 11th.

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