JACK COUNTY, Texas -- A woman in north Texas is convinced the chupacabra is the real deal because she said one of them bit her.

Staysha Henderson was checking her grandmother s property last weekend, when she came face-to-face with a skinny, hairless creature inside a camper.

It had scabs all over it. Absolutely no meat, bones were sticking out everywhere, Henderson told KAUZ-TV in Wichita Falls. it was just a horrible huge animal. It had big white teeth.

Henderson thought it was anodd-looking dog.

When she tried to give it some water, she said it bit her.

Henderson was rushed to Jack County Hospital after she started spitting up blood. The doctors told her she would need six weeks of rabies shots.

Family members shot the creature. It was then sent to a laboratory for further testing.

Other alleged chupacabra sightings were reported earlier this year in Hood County and Wise County. Lab tests determined one was a coyote and the other one was a hairless raccoon.

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