HOUSTON A third suspect has surrendered to police in connection with the attempted murder-for-hire of Bellaire socialite Yvonne Stern.

Richard Gutierrez went before a judge Wednesday morning on a charge of solicitation of capital murder.

Prosecutors said Gutierrez was approached by Michelle Gaiser, who was looking for someone to kill Stern.

She offered to pay him $20,000, gave him a photo of Stern and showed him where she lived, according to prosecutors.

Gutierrez told detectives he approached his brother, Adam, about the hit.

The brothers allegedly took $13,000 from Gaiser, and Adam tried to extort more money, according to court records.

Gutierrez denied that he or his brother actually tried to kill Stern.

They claim James Lowery, a tattoo artist, was the gunman.

Lowery has already been arrested and charged in the case.

He told the Houston Chronicle Sunday that he met Gutierrez a few months ago at his tattoo shop. He said he gave Gutierrez a couple of tattoos, including a gang sign.

Investigators say Gaiser wanted Stern out of the way because she was having an affair with her husband, prominent attorney Jeffrey Stern.

She tried to have her killed more than once, according to court documents.

In one of the incidents, on April 15, Stern was in her Bellaire home when someone knocked on the door and shot through the glass, police said. The bullet missed.

On May 5, police said Stern was shot in the stomach while in her car at an apartment complex in the 4600 block of N. Braeswood.

She was seriously injured and is still recovering.

Stern filed for divorce on Friday, citing adultery.

The couple has two children, ages 12 and 14.

Gutierrez, Lowery and Gaiser are being held without bond.

Adam Gutierrez has not been charged in the case.

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